Last Steam Sale Days

The end of a rather MEH Steam Sale has added to my backlog with the following:

Sniper Elite Natzi Zombie 1 and 2: A gift from my brother, with promises to co-op

Baulders Gate 2: I spent an hour remembering how to play today and remembering I dont like how Spell tossing party members are treated

Riven: Never played it, hope to after I beat Myst, once I start it. I remember it was like 20 CDs..

Classic Naval Combat pack: I’m a sucker for sub games, that I never play.


Also, I finished Gone Home, and I highly recommend it.

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Steam Update part ect

RealMyst masterpiece edition: I’ve honestly never beaten Myst. I have fond memories of its release and watching people play but I have never finished it myself.

Tomb Raider GOTY: My brother gifted me with this, I understand it is a prequel? He says its really good.

Mars: War Logs: I eyed it last sale. It looks kinda good. The price was right to give it a try though.

Banished: This I have been hoping the price would drop on. I have really enjoyed reading about it and want to try it. I have been wanting to play a “dwarf fortress” type game.

Goat Simulator: Nuff said, just wanted to pay less for it. PC gaming has taught me never pay more than $10 for a game.

Over on GOG I mainly got the free games they gave out:

Still Life 2

Omerta City of Gangsters

I did pick up Total Annihilation though.

I have to say, I am just about done with GOG. I still have 15 or so games on my wishlist, but I have bought everything I really wanted. All I care about it the old stuff.

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Steam Sale update

In the past few days I picked up:


Betrayer: this looked cool, I like the Roanoke vibe

Slender: the arrival This is my first Slender game!

The Stanley Parable: I’ve been dying to play it and the price was right.

Metal Slug 3 was gifted to me by my brother. I love it on the Neo Geo pocket

Over on GOG I got:

Master of Magic base solely on a list by some guy name Total Biscuit.

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Steam Summer Sale day 2

Dont forget about I picked up:

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) for $1.50. I remember this for the original Xbox, Ive always been interested in the box art, plus me and adventure games go way back.

When the steam sale updated I grabbed:

Orion: Dino Horde also for $1.50 Two friends owned and it looks fun. For $1.50 I’ll take a chance.

Went back to GOG and got:

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri I’m a sucker for 4X games, I wish I would play one every now and then..

Nexus the Jupiter Incident was another 4xish game, this one is more fleet combat

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Steam Summer Sale Day 1

I picked up the following games:

The Witcher: I’ve heard a lot about this series and for $2 I’ll give it a shot.

Hydrophobia prophecy: I know the gameplay is supposed to be balls, but I really like the storyline. I started playing it on XBL

I also picked up today’s humble bundle.

I wanted Space Hulk, Eador and Unity of Command.

All in all, I spent like $9


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Steam Summer Sale

What to get, what to get….

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Episode 110

Featuring an interview with Jon Cleaves from DGS Games and we talk about Freeblades.


Plus news of the week

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Episode 110 Shownotes

 Freeblades Interview

Osprey Releases

Tanks of Hitler’s Eastern Allies 1941–45

Sicily 1943

Roman Legionary AD 69-161

World War II Winter and Mountain Warfare Tactics

Kharkov 1942

Bolt Action: Armies of the United States

Bolt Action: Armies of Great Britain

5150: Fighter Command Coming Soon from 2 Hour Wargames

New Skirmish Game in Development by Armorcast for Tactical Miniatures Product Line

Sailpower 2.0 from Sea Dog Game Studio up on Kickstarter

Two new releases available for World of Twilight

Alien Dungeon announces start date for All Quiet Kickstarter, posts beta rules online

Deadzone Alpha Rules Released

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Episode 109

Discussion of the new GW retailer policy, some kickstarters and other news

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Episode 109 Shownotes

Download | YouTube Converter | Advanced Video Downloader

Okay here’s the nitty gritty

  1. The 2013 Retailer Policy: Major changes include:

  • The prohibition against online retail sales of GAMES WORKSHOP products is restated and now expanded in its applicability to all North American Retailers both in the United States and in Canada;

  • Revised In-Store Requirements for North American Retailers, including stepped-up requirements for Trade Accounts;

  • A requirement that all Retailers resell GAMES WORKSHOP products (including, but not limited to, components) only in their Original Packaging and Labeling; (this is what kills the bits sales)

  • A requirement that Retailers limit their resale of GAMES WORKSHOP products to domestic sales in their respective countries – i.e., no exports;

  • A requirement that Retailers comply with the timing and disclosure requirements associated with new product releases;

  • A requirement that Retailers take steps to ensure that GAMES WORKSHOP products are only sold to Consumers meeting the age requirements specified on the product itself.


  1. The 2013 Trade Account T&C’s and Trade Account AMP: Major changes include:

  • New order value requirements for Trade Accounts;

  • A limitation of one carriage-paid delivery per week by GAMES WORKSHOP to each Trade Account; and

  • A new credit policy specifically tailored to meet the needs of Trade Accounts

New pre-painted 4Ground buildings from Warlord Games

Mercs Miniatures launches Myth Kickstarter

On the Lamb Games launches Warden program


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