Episode 83 Shownotes




BattleCON Fighting Card Game


Star Trek Catan


Mars Colony


Dragon Quest X


SeaDragon Miniatures Posts Information on Playtesting for their New Game Norsgard




Laser Dream Works Releases 28mm Viking Ship

Woodland Scenics building burned in Linn Creek *updated*

Wizkids Releases Pathfinder Battles


Osprey Wargames Series – Open Submissions

Cyanide Studios Shows a Sneak Peek at Their New Confrontation Video Game Website

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs posts WIP HQ Building

Khurasan Miniatures releases 15mm KILO OUTPOST Pre-Fab Fortification

Hydra Miniatures Announces War Rocket “Pirate Clan” Contest

Frostbitten Midas: Ludum Dare Winners

2012 Independent Games Festival Announces Student Showcase Winners

2012 Independent Games Festival Announces Main Competition Finalists

PS2 will not die

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Still In Development

Razer’s Latest Project is a Gaming PC Trapped in the Body of a Tablet

Someone Modded Skyrim To Make A Macho Man Dragon


Kinect on PC: more expensive, less useful, still exciting

These Might be the Most Sexist Gamers on the Planet

Dark Souls PC petition at nearly 70,000 signatures, Namco listening

DC Universe Online Touts One Year Anniversary Stats

EverQuest II Boasts 300% Increase In New Subscriptions

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