Episode 91 Shownotes

Battle Systems previews their new Bunker terrain set


Privateer Press previews Stormwall Colossal

Dreadfleet Captains NPC cards available now


Osprey Releases

Mojang win the right to use Scrolls name

Makin’ Bacon: Dan Pinchbeck On A Machine For Pigs

Cliff Bleszinski to indies: “go with the PC”

Roger Ebert Not-So-Subtly Reminds Us What He Thinks of Video Games


Valve Deny Steam Box Rumours, Talk Up Big Picture

Valve on Portal 2′s original opening, ideas for its many endings and the “Morgan Freeman sphere”

Mecha Patriots: All We Know About BioShock Infinite

MechWarrior Online preview

Sony Announces Dust 514 Will Be Free to Play on PlayStation 3

Are CCP Hinting At PC Release Of Dust 514?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution designer on boss fights: “we are truly sorry”

Jet Set Radio HD trailer takes on Tokyo


Report: 2011 Was Best Year Ever For PC Gaming

Title Stripped from Pokémon Champion Who Crapped in Hotel Hallway

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