So its Malifaux

I got in contact yesterday with a local Infinity player. He has a group of about 5 people that play out of the shop nearest to my home. He also said they were playing Malifaux.

I’ve loved this game since launch, bought in and never found an opponent.

I love the scale of the figures and that you play on a 3X3 table. Plus its a diceless game!

So, this of course means I need to get a force of my own..

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Wicky Wild

Wild West Exodus came across my radar earlier this year. Through the power of kickstarter they managed to release a 35mm skirmish game with 11! factions. No easy feat.

The scale makes for some interesting sculpts


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The Traveller has come!

I have a strange relationship with tabletop role playing games. I’ve always been fascinated by them and I used to buy them all the time just to read. I never really played one though.

As I get older I find myself interested in tabletop RPGS more.

The one that has my interest now is:

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The Backlog


This is a small sample of my backlog of games. These are the ones I have made significant progress in but haven’t touched them for YEARS. South Park is the most recent, I haven’t played it in about a month. I think the best thing to start over, this is the order I think I want to go in:

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Full Thrust

I’ve had that rulebook for about 20 years now. Never played a game, couldn’t find opponents. As it always happens, when I move away from an area the game I want to play blows up.

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The Fall

I just started playing this today:

Matrix Games I want to play

Since I can never find opponents for war-based boardgames and I’m too dumb to figure out vassal, Matrix Games library has become very attractive. Based on what they currently have to offer, this is what I would like to play:

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Player’s Edition

Cold war gone hot sounds awesome to me. The scaleĀ of play has me interested on a tactical level as well.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon

I’ve always wanted to play Epic 40k. This seems even better. A much smaller investment and finding opponents is easy.

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Retro Gaming

I had an old Dell XPS laptop that’s about 10 years old at this point. I decided to wipe it completely and resurrect it as a dedicated retro gaming PC.

After getting that done, I hit my GOG library and installed:

The Journeyman Project 1-3

Alone in the Dark

Master or Orion 1-2

Might and Magic 3-6 + Xeen

Total Annhiliation

Ultima 4-6


Fallout 1-2

Alpha Centari

Syndicate Plus

Freespace 1-2

Icewind Dale

Temple of Elemental Evil