Ran into a couple of guys in my FLGS store today and talked about playing some non-GW things. I thought I would list them out here, if anyone else might be interested.  Its easier to link a blog post, rather than post a bunch of links in Facebook.

  1. Flames of War  

I REALLY dig this game. It has probably been my favorite to play out of everything I have ever played. It is 15mm WWII that plays on a 4X6 table with a lot of terrain. I really like the rules and the combined arms aspect of it. If someone wanted to try and get it going in the area I would dedicate myself to a weekly game.

2. Team Yankee

Basically the cold war version of Flames of War. Emphasis is more on Tanks, helicopters and jets. I have actually bought in, with a French force for Free Nations. 

3. L’Art de la Guerre

I am more attracted to this because of its competitive scene. It is a detailed ruleset and the worldwide competition is fierce. I have 2 armies for this and would love to play it regularly. I even bought a mat for it.

4. Bolt Action

Have a few people with rules and armies in the area but we haven’t got together to play. I’d love to play and collect 28mm WWII. I also the like the turn/dice mechanic.  Myself have a large, painted Russian force.

That is all I talked about in the shop today. Remember Malifaux is getting off the ground locally, and all the other rulebooks/armies I own are for another post.

So its Malifaux

I got in contact yesterday with a local Infinity player. He has a group of about 5 people that play out of the shop nearest to my home. He also said they were playing Malifaux.

I’ve loved this game since launch, bought in and never found an opponent.

I love the scale of the figures and that you play on a 3X3 table. Plus its a diceless game!

So, this of course means I need to get a force of my own..

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