Episode 109 Shownotes


Eldrich Cock

Vaginas are Magic

Table War

ASL Starter Kit

Pandemic Legacy S2

Fields of Fire

Twilight Imperium IV

Twilight Imperium III

Mission: Red Planet

Space Empires 4X


Cigar Box Battle

Escape the Dark Castle

Buy it here

Great War Commander


The Reddit post

Free Version

Tabletop Game Mats https://vikingmats.com/

Dice Tower Con

Memoir 44

Epic Battlelore

Richard Borg

Richard Berg

Grand Con

Sexism in Gaming:

reference 1

reference 2

reference 3

reference 4

The most epic battle of Merovingia!

Hatten in Flames

The end of Netrunner

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Legend of the Five Rings RPG Core Book















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