Matrix Games I want to play

Since I can never find opponents for war-based boardgames and I’m too dumb to figure out vassal, Matrix Games library has become very attractive. Based on what they currently have to offer, this is what I would like to play:

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Player’s Edition

Cold war gone hot sounds awesome to me. The scaleĀ of play has me interested on a tactical level as well.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon

I’ve always wanted to play Epic 40k. This seems even better. A much smaller investment and finding opponents is easy.

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Retro Gaming

I had an old Dell XPS laptop that’s about 10 years old at this point. I decided to wipe it completely and resurrect it as a dedicated retro gaming PC.

After getting that done, I hit my GOG library and installed:

The Journeyman Project 1-3

Alone in the Dark

Master or Orion 1-2

Might and Magic 3-6 + Xeen

Total Annhiliation

Ultima 4-6


Fallout 1-2

Alpha Centari

Syndicate Plus

Freespace 1-2

Icewind Dale

Temple of Elemental Evil