Saint Louis 2018 ASL tournament

I just completed my 2nd ASL tournament. I started playing ASL around 13 months ago, and I played in the ASL tournament last July and again this past weekend. The tournament is three days at the end of July and offers a total of five official games – two Friday, two Saturday, and one Sunday. i say official games, because many people get a chance to play additional games in between if time permits. I played six games this weekend, winning one for an official record of 1-4. It was only my second win in full ASL, so I am more than happy to get the one. I had fun, I learned, and I got better. I call it a success.

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Someone stop me from ordering some Compass Games

I am really interested in ordering some Hex and Counter games. I do not own any Compass Games and these are the ones that look the best to me:

La Bataille de France, 1940

A las Barricadas!

Steel Wolves: The German Submarine Campaign Against Allied Shipping – Vol 1

Red Star/White Eagle: The Russo-Polish War, 1920 – Designer Signature Edition 

Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18 

I’m always interested in submarine games and I love early WWII French stuff as well as more overlooked/unknown conflicts.

So I ordered some games

Total impulse buy from CoolStuff

I have been interested in Eminent Domain for awhile, based on the artwork alone. However I dont know how it plays.

Eminent Domain: Microcosm

Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers

These two are expansions? No, stand alones, but the price and artwork were good.

With this one I like japanime games and I’ve had my eye on it for awhile and the price was good. (Thats how impulse buys work)

The Terrifying Girl Disorder

Thoughts on depression and anxiety

Hi, Adam here, I run this little podcast and I wanted to talk a bit about my own experience with mental illness and gaming. I hope to maybe find other people that experience the same things and to maybe learn some coping mechanisms.

I suffer from depression and anxiety. This is often a one-two punch that keeps me from living my life to the fullest. It greatly affects my socialization and by extension my gaming.

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