So I kinda want to podcast again

I do, I get an itch once or twice year to do it again. Man I have done a lot of them, this one, the agonists, briar chance, ect. I am also gaming a lot more and have added GenCon into my regular rotation.

I just really enjoy talking about geeky things, especially the tabletop gaming industry. Plus with technology today, people dont need to be in the same room anymore.

But its only good when its fun, when it becomes a chore its time to quit.

If, if, if I end up doing this, I guess it would be a nationwide search for talent? Ha! 1-2 cohosts? It could work.

I would love some feedback on it….

Games I would like to see on the table and flourish in my area in 2017

Guild Ball: This interests me because Blood Bowl is slow to get off the ground locally and this game is better supported with a larger presence in the US

Star Wars Armada/Legion: Both appeal to me for different reasons, I am very keen to see how Legion does locally and in the US.

Warmachine: I would really like play it via Company of Iron

Virtual boardgaming (VASL FedCom online)

Regular boardgaming (of the war variety)

November Gaming Update

GW is always the tabletop king in my area. My Tau haven’t seen the table in a long time. The last thing I played was Age of Sigmar. I fielded my L̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶m̶e̶n̶ Seraphon. I got rid of a small painted High Elf force and got my Skaven back from the painter. My Khaldoon overlords are done and on their way back from the painter.

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