40K in progress

Buying into a system I always hit bartertown and the dakka swap shop first. It makes sense to keep costs down, especially if you don’t think you will play for a long period of time.

Trying to keep track of what I have purchased so I don’t buy things twice I will list things below. I have spent around $250 so far.

I’ll be keeping:
Codex Craftworlds
Codex Astra Militarum
Mini Rulebook
Dark Angles codex
Chaos Space Marines
Tau Empire
Kill Team book

NOS set of firewarriors/breachers

I will trade/sell
Crimson Slaughter
Chaos Daemons

Not sure what I will do with:
Stronghold Assault

I also picked up the Marine and Legion 30k books.

I plan on doing Iyanden and Tau.

What to play?

I’ve always been fascinated by the staggering amount of tabletop wargames available. I’ve always been interested in “different” games and systems. I’ve never been able to find regular opponents.

I stopped in to my FLGS yesterday and inquired about what people have been playing. The small interest we had in Bolt Action, FOW and other Historicals has dried up.

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So its Malifaux

I got in contact yesterday with a local Infinity player. He has a group of about 5 people that play out of the shop nearest to my home. He also said they were playing Malifaux.

I’ve loved this game since launch, bought in and never found an opponent.

I love the scale of the figures and that you play on a 3X3 table. Plus its a diceless game!

So, this of course means I need to get a force of my own..

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