Episode 32 Shownotes

Skyship! playtest draft available

Savage Space 1889

Menstruation Board Games

Monday Night Combat’s New ‘Spunky Cola’ Refreshes In December


Introducing DGS Games

Capitan Games release Napoleonic baordgame

GW misidentify Micro Art bases

Korean Crisis “Is Not Starcraft”

WarCanto – Men of Kraakov rules available

Brytenwalda rules available for download

Knight Models release new 30mm Star Wars miniatures

Battle Frame 5000 video posted

Ex illis gaming board released

Kings of War available to download

State of the Mongoose 2010


The 10 Most Annoying People You Meet in Online Gaming

How Would A Real Soldier Handle Xbox Live Idiots?

Panasonic’s Jungle Has Entered its Public Testing Period

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Goes To Vietnam For Christmas

One Man’s One-Word Dead Space 2 Review

Watch Hundreds Of Japanese People Wait In Monster Lines

NSFW: PlayStation Move Used Incorrectly In Manga

Judge in Xbox modding trial berates prosecution, halts trial

The Top 500 Video Games of All Time

Square Enix Has Announced A Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Read more: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/708924/square-enix-has-announced-a-final-fantasy-trading-card-game.html#ixzz17Y6ycp1A



EverQuest II Could Get A Cataclysm-Style Reboot Of Its Own

EA Gets Rough With Tiger

Epic old games which are still being played online


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