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Siege of Vicksburg Haul

Games I played:

Blood Red Skies: Korea: I had not played BRS since last year and now I think I can teach it. Easy to learn, challenging to master. Tons and tons of plane/faction options. Works great for scenario and multiplayer. I have been digging for my stuff I bought last year, I got Zeros, Yaks and Dauntless squadrons. I cant seem to find my Dauntless though.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Easy and fun. I just located my starter for it. Planes aren’t painted but they are put together.

Victory at Sea: A ton of fun, easy and buckets of dice rolling. Now I need to find my painted starter.

Things I bought

Anno Domini 1666 

A Drune force for Slaine

Blood Red Skies F4U Corsair Squadron

Pappy Boyington

Junkers Ju 88C squadron

German BF-109 6 Plane Squadron

Grumman F9F Panther Squadron

Plus a bunch of upgrayedd cards for BRS.

Black Seas Starter, Expansion book and terrain, this one is on order.

D-Day: The US Sector campaign book Now I can field that 3 Stugg FJ list..

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  1. Witt Sullivan Witt Sullivan

    I brought Fallout: Wasteland Warfare to demo and had a lot of success, meeting people who live in my area who were looking for players or want to get into it.
    I bought a MASH Iroquois model from Sarissa Precision, a Jeep from Warlord Games, and a set of heroes from Not Blazing Saddles from Knuckleduster Games.

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