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Christmas Ideas

So here are some things I thought about buying for Christmas.

Why “Git Gud” at a game you already own, when you could could buy into other ones! Its the way of Adam (ADD doesn’t help)

New Games

A 28mm Franco-Prussian War game called “Eagles of Empire

Charge of the Prussian infantry, Franco-Prussian War | Military artwork, War  art, Military art

“Judgement” is a large scale skirmish game based on MOBAs

Crisis Protocol looks cool and I want this big headed goofball

Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. first look reveals Patton Oswalt's family on Hulu  series |

I love the scale and 80s toy stylings of “Bot War”

GI Joe and the Transformers #4 Very Fine (8.0) [Marvel Comic] – Online Store

“Core Space” has always appealed to me as a Scifi dungeon crawler

Core Space review - Tabletop Gaming

I have liked the look of “Conquest” since GenCon

Conquest The Last Argument of Kings Core 2-Player Starter Miniature Game  Box Set Para Bellum - ToyWiz

Since nobody wanted to play pirates I guess I’ll buy into “Master and Commander” instead.

Master Commander GIFs | Tenor

Even though it is a lot like SAGA, I have always been interested in “Mortal Gods”

Troy - Plugged In

Add to Existing Games

I need an OP-FOR for my Monsterpocalypse Martians

Training Day King Kong GIF - TrainingDay KingKong Trainingdaya GIFs

Battletech, my first love has a new release. I went ahead and ordered some

Technical Readout: 3050 - BattleTechWiki

Bushido has always looked cool and I need a OP-FOR for the force I have

Stunning New Trailer for Sony's Samurai Game GHOST OF TSUSHIMA — GeekTyrant

I thought these looked awesome and would make a really cool “Empire” force for AoS

The battle of Rocroi, 19th May 1643 - 1898 Miniaturas

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