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A two hour discussion on the game Confrontation

Hybrid (2003)

Guilds of Cadwallon (2013)

Confrontation on Steam

Aarklash: Legacy on Steam

Dogs of War Online on Steam

Passing along resources to share with your listeners. Any and all of them can reach out to me at my confrontation group email:
Happy to coordinate people to the right locations and share additional resources through that email.
Core Rulebook in PDF
 Our version of house rules:
I can link the french and italian versions if needed.
Cheat sheet for new players:

The best starting point is the Aarklash Lore Book:

Italian site with almost alll the Confrontation cards in one place:
 Webpage to view all the models by faction:
Confrontation Fanatics Facebook Group for deals

 Confrontation Guild Facebook Group for deals:
Confrontation Mod for Tabletop Simulator:

More Social Media
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