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Dicetower 2019 Contest

Hello all! We will be attending DicetowerCon 2019 and for the first time the hosts will meet each other face to face. To celebrate this wondrous event I thought we would have a contest/play a little game. Basically it works like this:

When you see Adam..

You will hand him a piece of paper with your name and phone number on it.

( you are responsible for providing this)

He will place your entry in box to be drawn from later

So how am I supposed to find this guy? The convention is large, tons of people are there and I’ve got plans. I cant be just searching around for this dude..

Well, I’m glad you asked! He will be using social media and the official hashtag #Dicetowercon2019 throughout the con to show where is and what he is wearing. You can always follow along on twitter

Will things go wrong? Will this end up being a colossal pain in the butt? Maybe, but we are honestly just trying just make some gamers happy and have a little fun. So we hope to see you there!

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