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Episode 123 Shownotes

NSA Dick Pics

Busen Memo | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Blackstone Fortress

Bolt Action


Cruel Seas



Bee Lives

Band of Brothers

Advanced Tobruk System

Old School Tactical

Conflict of Heroes

Heroes of Normandie

Teotihuacan: City Of Gods


Cargo Noir

Flip City

Arena Rex

LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth

Behind the Magic

Mortal Gods

Saga of Midgard

ROOT Expansion


GAMA Board is broken

Seize the Galaxy

Allies and Adversaries

Armored Coretm

Monty Cook Bundle

Tekkaforce Rulebook Now Available

Deities and Demigods

Heavy Hitters

Digital Boardgames

Operation Dragoon

Root Expansion

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