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Episode 28 Shownotes

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Ion: A Compound Building Game 

Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition 

Science Ninjas: Valence 

Tuscany Essential Edition 

Advanced Squad Leader

D-Day at Peleliu 

Keltis Das Kartenspiel


Railroad Ink Red

Kilt Castle

Zero Down

The Enchanted Tower

Five Crowns

Rat A Tat Cat


Here I Stand (500th Anniversary Reprint Edition) 


Star Wars: Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Game Goblins in Little Rock AR

Chinese Govt. Burns Call of Cthulhu Supplement

GMT is pulling Scramble for Africa

King Leopolds Ghost

An Infamous Traffic – Hollandspiele

This Guilty Land

Rob McCarter

War Banner name change woes

Fantasy Flight Previews TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank For Star Wars: Legion

Hunters Entertainment to Create Altered Carbon RPG

Grey For Now Games Launches Test of Honour Website

Fantasy Flight Announces New Campaign Expansion For Star Wars: Armada

Clone Wars Set Announced, New Sets Previewed, New Upgrades Announced, New Releases Out for Star Wars: Legion

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