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Episode 31 Shownotes

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Contest: 3d printed great dragon from Fat Dragon Games. This dragon is about a foot long from head to tail, and has about a 9-10 inch wingspan. Best of all, it could be yours for FREE!

Austerlitz 1805: Rising Eagles


Deus vult – Wikipedia


Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine

Ardennes ’44 


Zombiecide Shank Story

Advanced Tobruk System | Family | BoardGameGeek

My Dicetower idea

Star Wars: Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Swords and Wizardry

Torchbearer RPG

No enemies here


Lance the Cappycannon

One Childs Heart


Tallyho Kickstarter

Earth Reborn

Nightmare II

Nightmare III

Siege of Verdan

Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest 

ASL Starter Kit #4 PTO – Multi-Man Publishing

Tariff Discussion

Rick and Morty Dnd

Tabletop Gaming Goes Virtual with HR Games’ Quar: Infernal Machines

The Quar!

Pony Bowl Fantasy Football Team Up On Kickstarter

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