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Episode 37 Episode Shownotes

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship

Gunship Revolution

The Princes Of Machu Picchu

Letter Tycoon

Pocket tactics
discount code is COG2019

Rommel and Blitzkrieg Commander

Assault charge against Charleston restaurateur Sam Mustafa …


What is Bocce Ball?



Hook and Ring Game

Arena Rex

Red Dead Redemption 2: Horse Testicles Change Size …

Crom’s Anvil

Interview with Sean Druelinger

TMP Shenanigans 

Lead Adventure Forum – Index

Wilmington store wins rights to $1 million rare game collection from estate of early Internet developer

X-wing Damage Decks

The Tingleverse: The Official Chuck Tingle Role-Playing Game Now Available

Monte Cook Games Releases Consent in Gaming Book

RPG Horror Stories – Reddit

After the Empire Back Up On Kickstarter

Kings of War RPG Up On Kickstarter

Rod, Reel, & Fist RPG Up On Kickstarter

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