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Episode 43 Shownotes discount code is COG2019

Thingiverse – Digital Designs for Physical Objects

KeyForge – Fantasy Flight Games


Crisis: Tokyo 


Star Wars: Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Fallout 4

Brave Little Belgium

Chit Pull System

Blind Swords System

Undaunted Normandy


1870: Railroading across the Trans Mississippi from 1870 

The U.S. Civil War 

Star Wars: Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Advanced Squad Leader 

The Crimean War (1853–1856)

Death Ride

Deluxe ASL

Wings of the Motherland

The Siege of Lothal A Star Wars: Legion campaign mode

Root: The Underworld Expansion 

World at War 85 Series – Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Interview Shownotes

HistoriKC Fest

NWS Store

Advanced Squad Leader

Front Toward Enemy 

The last Hundred Yards

Kansas City ASL

The U.S. Civil War 

GCACW Series | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

The Moscow Campaign 

The Campaign for North Africa 

Deathride Kursk

Firelock Games

Victory at Sea

Warlord Games will be releasing the Victory at Sea starter set

The Admirals

The admiralty trilogy

Topside Miniatures

Star Fleet Battles

AdAstra Games

Jack Stack BBQ: Kansas City Style BBQ Restaurant

Joes Z-man


Retro Cocktail Hour

Great War at Sea – Avalanche Press

A Grey Rooster Sales

Stalingrad ’42 

Screaming Eagles Worthington

Fallout RPG

Layoffs at FFG:

Keyforge RPG

Pony Wars

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