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Episode 44 Shownotes discount code is COG2019

Smoked beer – Wikipedia

Lodge 49

The Mystery of St. Louis’s Veiled Prophet – The Atlantic

Fire & Axe

878 Vikings: Invasions of England

Cribbage – Wikipedia


Euchre – Wikipedia

Dread Curse

Spy Club


Spelling Bee

Euonym freak out


Flames of War

$30 15mm Sturmoviks

World War Tesla™ – Fat Dragon Games

Panzer Commander 

Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987

Star Wars: Legion

Star Tours® – The Adventures Continue | Hollywood Studios …

The U.S. Civil War 


Into the woods

Great War Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Tobrek System

Le Franc Tireur

Mork Borg

The Last Fleet


Vorpal Board Kickstarter


Precinct Omega

Hero Forge 2.0

Top 10 Most anticipated RPGs in 2020

Gentleman Bastard Series by Scott Lynch – Goodreads

Kickstarter 2019 stats

Plastic Soldier Company: Mortem et Gloriam

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