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Episode 59 Shownotes

Maxwell Jacob Friedman Doesn't Play D&D... Do You? - Bell of Lost Souls

Isle Of Monsters

Kingdom Builder

Ghost of Tsushima

Among Us on Steam

Imperial Struggle (2020)

Hatten in Flames (2018)

Red Factories: An Advanced Squad Leader Historical Module – Stalingrad 1942 (2019)

Ardennes ’44: The Battle of the Bulge (2003)

Red Storm: Baltic Approaches

discount code is COG2019

Armada – your* questions answered!

Man O’ War – 1d4chan

Gamma Wolves

6mm Fantasy Kickstarter

29mm Airships Crossover Miniatures – 28mm Metal Super Heroes with Cool Heads

Washington Grand Company


Corvus Belli Announces Starmada Sci-Fi Starships Game

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs (2020)

Mythic Americas: American Folklore through Warlords of Erehwon

Dungeons & Dragons Is Bringing Back at Least Three Classic Campaign Settings

GMT update

Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion Comes to Comic Stands December 30


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