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Episode 61 Shownotes

Yokohama -BGA

Clans Of Caledonia -BGA

The Haunted Mansion: Call Of The Spirits

Star Wars Tikis Add Enchantment To Drinks At Oga’s Cantina

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes


Roll 20 Dungeons And Dragons

Unconditional Surrender – BGA what the hell am I doing??

In The Year Of The Dragon -BGA

Signorie -BGA

Renegade | Board Game 

Red Factories: An Advanced Squad Leader Historical Module – Stalingrad 1942 

Battlegroup rules

South Mississippians voice their support for medical marijuana

Behind the Bastards

4th Anniversary of Dobson’s “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America”

Star Wars Legion

Hero of the Rebellion


Turning Point Simulations – Home Page

Paul Rohrbaugh | Board Game Designer

Siege of Harfleur

6mm Samurai by 2D6 Wargaming by Robert Ian Charles Fellows

Sponsor: discount code is COG2019

The Renaissance Troll: Stargrave – Cover Reveal

Red Dust Rebellion | Board Game

Hedgemony: A Game of Strategic Choices | RAND

Racism and sexism blamed for ruining multi-million Dollar Dragonlance deal as Wizards of the Coast are taken to court

PSA: If you have female players in your group, don’t make sexual assault jokes every time they’re paralyzed/unconscious. – DnD

$375,000 box of Pokémon cards turns out to be fake


Necromunday: House of Iron Review – Goonhammer

Thirsty Sword Lesbians RPG Up On Kickstarter

Fantasy Flight Previews Anakin Commander Expansion For Star Wars: Legion

Warlord Games Previews The Luftwaffe Field Division in Bolt Action

Former Blizzard legend Chris Metzen launches a tabletop gaming company

The Road to War #6: Video Game and other Announcments

Fifth Angel Studios Acquires MERCS Line

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