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Episode 67 Shownotes

Mythic Quest – Wikipedia

For All Mankind

Here’s why so many astronauts have owned Chevrolet Corvettes

Apollo: A Game Inspired by NASA Moon Missions

Dan Sheekoz


Roll20 D&D

Tzolk’in (BGA Link)

Carnegie (BGA link)

City Of The Big Shoulders (BGA Link)

Through The Ages (BGA Link)

Puzzle Strike


Age of Sigmar

Kharadron Overlords | Age of Sigmar Wiki | Fandom

Daughters of Khaine | Age of Sigmar Wiki | Fandom


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Sale Via Humble Bundle

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan Is a Netflix Docu-Drama Written in Blood and Ink

Red Factories: ASL Historical Module 10 (2019) | Board Game

A Few Acres of Snow | Board Game

Hail Hydra | Board Game

Munchkin | Board Game

Gaia Project | Board Game

Tsuro | Board Game 

Pavlov’s House | Board Game

Sponsordiscount code is COG2019

UK Tank Markings

THE ONE RING™ Roleplaying Game, Second Edition by Free League — Kickstarter

Root: The Marauder Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Tiny Epic Dungeons Cooperative Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Horrible Guild Running Tiny Turbo Cars Kickstarter

Bucket Of Bolts-Kickstarter

Dungeons & Dragons™ Computer Labyrinth Game Simulator

Lasalle Second Edition Is Here

New Skyrim board game announced, not coming to Kickstarter

Magic: The Gathering getting Warhammer 40K cards in surprise crossover set

WotC Makes More Money than Hasbro’s Toy Business

The Compendium of Equestria Now Available

Role-playing YouTube series canceled after livestreaming sexual assault scenario

D&D Reveals New Ravenloft Sourcebook

Will it have Lord Soth – Mistipedia ?

Legend of the Five Rings LCG Coming to an End

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