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Episode 69 Shownotes

The Last Ringbearer by Kirill Yeskov – Goodreads


Irredeemable – Wikipedia

Marvel Champions

Dice Hospital

Villainous – Perfectly Wretched (Cruella De Ville, Pete, Mother Gothel)

Pac Man – The Board Game





Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972 | Board Game

Exit: The Game – The Cemetery of the Knight

Gaia Project | Board Game

Old-School Essentials – Necrotic Gnome

discount code is COG2019

The Umerican Road Atlas (DCC) – Shield of Faith Studios

Warrior: McQuinn, Donald E.: 9780345373489


Solemn Vale™ by Mark Kelly – Dirty Vortex — Kickstarter

China-Burma-India. St. Louis ASL Club

Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Army-The Art of Keith Rocco

Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame Wargaming With Model Ships 1900-1945

Unique K-Pop Board Game Coming to Kickstarter in April · K-POPPED!

Fallout The Roleplaying Game

Dune RPG Core Rulebook Now Available as PDF

46 Zenobia Award proposals selected to advance to prototype stage. Some fascinating game concepts in this pool! : hexandcounter 

News (post links to articles if you can)

Mantic Releases Updated Vanguard Rulebook

The Petal Hack 2nd Ed. – Weird Realm Games

John Company: Second Edition by Cole Wehrle — Kickstarter

Games Workshop Unveils a New ‘Warhammer Underworlds: Two Player Starter Set’ 

Angryjoes streetfighter boardgame (backed on Kickstarter) finally starts shipping with a 2 year delay and they ask backers to pay up to 180$ shipping costs on top now : boardgames 

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game by Jasco Games — Kickstarter  

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