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Episode 74 Shownotes

Iowa in the American Civil War

The Spirit of ’76 (1990)

Anyone heard of Toastmasters?

World War I museum in KC

War Remains

A Very Long Engagement (2004)

Mythic Quest




Cricket Darts

Midgard D&D

Donner Dinner Party

Word A Round (Amazon Link-BGG was being stupid)

King Of Tokyo

Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe | Board Game

Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 – ? | Board Game

Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure | Board Game › boardgame Ticket to Ride | Board Game

Viticulture Essential Edition | Board Game 

Sponsordiscount code is COG2019

The Drowned War Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

Ponyfinder: Seas of Everglow RPG Supplemet Up On Kickstarter

Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter Launching Next Week

TableTop Game And Hobby in Overland Park, KS

Crossbows and Catapults reboot coming from HeroQuest board game designer

Fantasy Flight Announces Spreading War Expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth

New Blood Bowl Star Player Available to Order From Forge World

Brave the Darkness Horror-Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

Games Workshop Previews New Squigs For 40k

Games Workshop Previews New Orruk and Stormcast Eternals for Age of Sigmar

Ravenous Hordes – Ratmen army by Carlos A. Mariani — Kickstarter 

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