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Episode 79 Shownotes

Wheel of Time

Hit Monkey– animated Marvel show on Hulu


Lorde – Royals (US Version)

The Crew  BGA link

Terra Mystica

Home | Para Bellum Wargames | Conquest The Last …

The Silver Bayonet – Osprey Publishing

Retreat from Moscow

Battlefield 2042

Sword of Rome | Board Game

Grand Prix | Board Game

Panzers Last Stand: Battles for Budapest, 1945 | Board Game 

Discount code is COG2019

Advanced Lovers and Lesbians by Evil Hat Productions — Kickstarter

Atmosfear video board game – 30th Anniversary edition by The Gatekeeper — Kickstarter

Corvus Belli Previews Polaris Team Beast Pack for Infinity

Yanks Second Edition [ASL-YANKS2] – $141.00

New Edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG Now Available

Paizo Taking Pre-Orders for Lifesize Kobolds  $600!!

New Roll20 Mobile App — GeekTyrant

Dungeons and Dragons Lake Geneva restaurant, experience being planned

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