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Episode 82 Shownotes

Meat Loaf

Siege of Vicksburg

SAGA tournament 


Guys On Ice


Vox Machina

The Book of Boba Fett | Disney+ Originals

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


The Crew  BGA link

Terra Mystica

Gaia Project

Battlezone (Activision video game)

Jaws Of The Lion


Bolt Action


Ender 3

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Hatten in Flames: ASL Historical Module 9 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek 

Königsberg: The Soviet Attack on East Prussia, 1945 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Nevsky: Teutons and Rus in Collision 1240-1242 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

A Feast for Odin | Board Game | BoardGameGeek 

Ten Candles

Sponsordiscount code is COG2019

Products – Renatio et Gloriam

Mantic Previews The Umbrella Academy in 2022 – Tabletop Gaming News – TGN

02 Hundred Hours – A New Way to Play WW2 Games – Bell of Lost Souls\

Grant’s Most Anticipated Wargames of 2022! – The Players’ Aid

Littoral Commander: The Indo-Pacific – The Dietz Foundation

Purple Haze by PHALANX – Gamefound 

ICv2: Atomic Mass Games Adds Mandalorian Ship and Ship Cards to ‘Star Wars X-Wing 2E’

The Dark Souls tabletop RPG could solve one of Dungeons & Dragons’ biggest problems | Dicebreaker

Free League announces Twilight: 2000 expansion pack – SEENIT

2300 AD (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

My decision to not attend Gen Con this year

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