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Episode 84 Shownotes

This War of Mine

Siege of Vicksburg



Imperial Settlers


Azul: Stained Glass Of Sintra

Ecos: First Continent


SAGA tournament 

Flesh and Blood


Kill Team

Forbidden West

FF 14

Blood Bowl


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Venger Con 2022

Fragged Empire 2nd Edition | ttRPG by Wade Dyer — Kickstarter

New Star Wars Villainous board game will include Darth Vader, Moff

Atomic Mass Preview The Shadow Collective For Star Wars: Legion – OnTableTop – Home of Beasts of War

Coven – A 28mm Dark Fantasy Skirmish Game by Footsore Miniatures & Games — Kickstarter

Frosthaven to have an MSRP of $250 : r/boardgames

Modiphius Announces Limited Imperial Edition of Dune RPG Rulebook

Mutant Chronicles

“Now, more than ever, we need to be strong”: Ukraine board game publishers, creators and stores rally in wake of Russian invasion | Dicebreaker

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