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Episode 92 Shownotes



Welcome to Wrexham

Charmed – Wikipedia

The Phoenix (1982 TV series) – Wikipedia

The Goonies

Oh My Goods!

Teotihuacan: City Of Gods

D&D Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

Roll Through The Ages: The Iron Age

Terra Mystica

Siege of Vicksburg

Blood Red Skies

Bolt Action

Black Seas

War at Sea

Minimalist Jam

In Search of Adventure Jam

What the Golf

discount code is COG2019

War Room (2nd Edition) – Noble Knight Games

2 Player Starter Set – Blackbeard vs Maynard » Firelock Games

Free Trader Beowulf Starship by 2nd Dynasty — Kickstarter

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Tribes and Renown | World of Darkness

Dystopian 1984-inspired RPG Paranoia is receiving a Perfect Edition | Dicebreaker

StarForce Commander – Mariner Games | Wargame Vault

The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg by The Fellowship of the Thing — Kickstarter 

Mutant: Year Zero is getting a skirmish miniatures game from Necromunda’s lead designer | Dicebreaker

Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme by Exalted Funeral — Kickstarter

New Fallout Miniatures Game Announced

HeroQuest – When Tabletop Gaming Went Mainstream | Time Extension

It’s official: Labyrinth Lord lives! : r/LabyrinthLord

ICv2: Renegade Announces Negotiations with Hasbro to License ‘Axis & Allies,’ ‘Diplomacy,’ and More

HEROSCAPE AGE OF ANNIHILATION: Vanguard Edition – Hasbro Pulse

TRANSFORMERS Arrives with The Brothers’ War | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Mercenaries on the Move! | BattleTech

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