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Episode 94 Shownotes

The A-Team

Miss Scarlet & The Duke

TMNT The Last Ronin



Black Adam


Teotihuacan: City Of Gods

D&D Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

Terra Mystica

The Isle Of Cats


Weird Frontiers

The Gongfarmers Almanac

Judges Guild Vol 1

Battlefleet Gothic

Dudgeon World

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Random RPG Book Club Subscription

Kick-Ass Mail Order


Worldbreaker / Dark Tides of Zaratos by Wayne Robert — Kickstarter

Noble Knight Games workers head to a vote after tabletop retailer denies voluntary union recognition | Dicebreaker

What does Shatterpoint mean for Legion? – The Fifth Trooper

Tenkar’s Tavern: It’s Official – Troll Lord Games and Frog God Games are Teaming Up!

John Prados | Board Game Designer | BoardGameGeek HE DED

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