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Friends Hobby Shop Kenosha Wisconsin

Imagine going back in time to your favorite gaming store in the 90s. You know all the cool stuff on the shelf? It can be found here. I really think that this place deserves to be known far and wide. I will try to do my best to give it the attention it deserves but…

This shop is located in Kenosha Wisconsin, a nice little town on the shores of lake Michigan. It’s so far south it might as well be northern Illinois. The closest major city you might find yourself in, or fly into is Milwaukee.

The shop is a little tricky to get to. I will do my best to draw you a map. Your best bet is to go by Double Daggers and ask them where the shop is. It is down and around behind the strip mall. You will know you have reached it when you see a security door next to a garage door.

This shop is HUGE, at least 10,000 square feet. It is just as organised and messy as you like it. Long isles of shelves contain a horde of out of print and forgotten games and items. The first thing I took a liking to was some vintage Games Workshop stuff.

There is also quite a bit off odds and ends in the store.

There was tons of classic Battletech and vintage RPG stuff to be had, as well as a large amount of gaming magazine back issues.

The building is also home to a gaming club. They apparently own every out of print wargame you could ever want and then some. They also maintain a lending library and work with local schools to get kids to read. They also have a large “city” that they use for RPGs.

He even has vintage Anime and PC games

There is also an additional space for the Great Lakes Model Train Society and 2-3 cats running around

My only real issue was pricing. If you click on the pictures you can see it. Everything is priced as marked. Things are more or less what they are worth, but all these things are what I am used to seeing in a half-price bin or flea market. I just don’t think enough traffic comes through to justify the pricing. He would do a lot better to hire someone to do eBay auctions.

The owner is… “eclectic” but you surely have encountered shop owners like him before. He will talk your ear off about his days at TSR and his three heart attacks. He says this one of, if not THE biggest tabletop gaming stores in the northeast.

I am inclined to believe him.

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