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Games I’d like to play

I’ve been tabletop gaming for about 25 years now. I started with Battletech

I got into other games later. My main problem was seeing a cool game at a con or on the internet, buying it, THEN looking for opponents. This isn’t the best way to get into a game.

I got remarried a couple of years ago and combined households. I decided to get rid of all these games I was holding on to. I kept my Battletech, about 5-6 boardgames and a couple of small games that it wasn’t worth eBaying.

I still have that itch to tabletop game, I got into Attack Wing

There is still so much cool stuff out there. I have to stop myself from ordering rulebooks and starters. If I found a group of people that were interested, AND found the time to game regularly, this is what I would play:

Dropzone Commander

The scale really appeals to me. I don’t know how the game plays, but I always imagined a more tactical game was possible with a smaller scale on the standard 4X6 table.

 All Quiet on the Martian Front

Once again, the scale seems great and I really dig the WWI time period. Plus this thing is awesome:

 Star Wars: Armada

I would really like to play a fleet combat game, especially one that includes fighters. The scale and quality seems to be good.

Bolt Action

I like everything about this. Scale, figs, company, setting, everything. I would rather do historical gaming in a larger scale like this, plus the models are awesome at that scale.

Thats about it of what I would like to buy into, provided I found other interested folks and the time for a regular game. I do own a TON of Battletech and would like to see it on the table with the new “easy” rules:

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