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Hollandspiele Sale – A Wishlist

After our interview with Tom in September I have been waiting for this sale.

This is what I am most interested in:

Battles on the Ice: The time period and setting interest me. Not high on the list, may depend on price

Blood and Fog: Pretty much the same as above. I feel like the Crimean War doesn’t get a lot of attention and like the Russian opponent.

Campaign of Nations: This interests me for sure. I like Napoleonics and love the battle of Leipzig. I would rank this one solidly in the middle of my list

Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era This one is high on my list. I talked about it in the interview. Its the most expensive game they sell and the largest in size. I really like the time period and components.

Meltwater: Same as above, except for the expensive part. Really excited about this one and I want to get the author Erin Lee Escobedo on the show. I really think its an original idea.

NATO Air Commander: I see this one getting a lot of attention on the internet as of late. I really like the map and the price is right. I think my friend may get it, thus saving me money and I get to play it! Also it makes me think of this:


Objective Shreveport! This is mid to high on my list. I don’t own a lot of ACW games but ones that take place near me get my attention. Gonna depend on price I think.

Plan 1919: Fuller’s Plan to End the Great War: I like everything about it, except the “what if” aspect of it. It’s also a little high in price if I’m trying to stay on budget. Low to mid interest for me.

Table Battles: Love everything about and its high on my list. Will buy.

Teutons!: Assaults on the West, 1870-1940: Fighting the German/French battles from 1870 to WWII, yes please. High on my list

The Big Push: Venture Brothers aside, this one is going to be a must buy for me.

The Lost Provinces: I like the obscure nature of this one as well as the price. I would place it in the middle.

The Scheldt Campaign: The artwork has my attention more than anything. I also like the setting, but I would put this one at the bottom.

This Guilty Land: This is a must buy for me.

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