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November Gaming Update

GW is always the tabletop king in my area. My Tau haven’t seen the table in a long time. The last thing I played was Age of Sigmar. I fielded my L̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶m̶e̶n̶ Seraphon. I got rid of a small painted High Elf force and got my Skaven back from the painter. My Khaldoon overlords are done and on their way back from the painter.

A small, private Bloodbowl league has opened and I bought some dwarves to play in. Since we aren’t allowed non-GW figures. I have always enjoyed playing it. I think I am more interested in Guild Ball, but thats the way she goes.

I bought into Shadespire as well, after some reluctance, the undead warband is fantastic!

Miniature Market clearanced  out their Spartan Games stuff and I picked up some Dystopian Wars stuff.

Two opposing forces and a Japanese box I couldn’t resist. They supposedly get a new rulebook next year.

My first L5R tournament should be this month. I am excited. I hope my Crane Clan does well.

With the latest Humble Bundle, my love for Warmachine has been rekindled! Of course I have so much trouble staying focused on just one faction. I got Khador out of the deal. I got a small Menoth force via bartertown and I locally I will pick up a Cygnar force.

There are players in my area, but not at my preferred store. =(

No movement on Bolt Action in my area. I still have cheap armies to help get it off the ground. There are a few players in the area. I hope we can start playing soon.

I do hope to play Wings of Glory soon.

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