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Sigmar Selection

I worked on cleaning and organizing some of my miniatures this weekend. I unpacked a lot and re-packed in foam. I did notice that I had a few armies for Age of Sigmar and with the announcement of the (not) Empire book coming I kinda want more. So lets go over what I have and what I want and see what will work best for me.

Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race. Opps, sorry, “Duardin”. When GW announced these crazy Steampunk things I had to have them. I got them painted to a pretty nice standard. Only problem is, I went a a little nuts on the ships and I’m short a few infantry. I really need another Arkanaut company or two. Also, the ships are a bit wonky on the tiny plastic sticks they give you to mount them on. I need all of mine rebased on something that will work and I don’t know what that would be.

Snek Women! Ever dropped a couple hundred books on a army just to make a dumb weeb joke? Me neither.. I have about 1000 points but no real idea on what to add next. I would like to keep the Snek theme but Morathi is too big. Maybe just keep adding sisters? $50 a box though.. :/

The fish Elves, sorry Aelves, turned out to be be much better than expected. I found them really neat, but I could care less about the infantry I am more interested in the sharks and shit. The turtle is really cool too, but is also on a flimsily pole and is way too big for the table and storage, like the airships. However there is a army with everything I would like to start, for $250

Beasts of Chaos! I like these because they remind me of the Tauren from WoW. However these are “Chaosy” and have crab claws and shit. Though the Dragon Ogors look cool. I think enough is out there that I can do a decent army. Plus the darker colors may make it easy to do contrast paints?

What do you guys think? I want to have fun, but its not fun losing all the time. I will add to and work on the Khadron Overlords for sure. What else?

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