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The Cat Returns

I got a FB message out of the blue last week from a guy I used to game with 12+ years ago. He has moved to my area and asked me about the local gaming scene. Its the normal GW stuff, plus X-wing/Legion, so I asked him what he played:

” I do Sharp Practice, Rebels and Patriots, Black Powder, Bolt Action, and Warlords of Erewhon “

Sharpe Practice: a “large scale skirmish game” by the guys at Two Fat Lardies . I love this idea of a game. 28mm, historical, less than a hundred figures and not to worried about formations and whatnot. Plus playable in a reasonable amount of time.

I own this ruleset, cards, ect and have some painted British for it too. I am excited to get this to the table.

Rebels and Patriots: This one is from Osprey publishing. Not sure if he is playing Revolutionary war or Civil war. I do own a small bit of French from the French and Indian war time period. I could add to that and maybe be able to field something?

Black Powder: This is a rule set that I own, as well as a bunch of the expansions. Now in its second edition I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. The only real criticism seems to be, it is designed for large games, on large tables, in 28mm. I have another local friend that is big into it.

Bolt Action: This is something I have wanted to play for YEARS. It’s pretty popular in a lot of places, including in areas to my north and south. Enough that I think we would get a good tournament turnout. I have this boxset assembled, plus early war French and Afrika Korps.

Warlords of Erewhon: I like what I have read about it. Compared to AoS, its not reliant on special characters/combos or large monsters. I could do a traditional Dwarven force, or a renaissance looking Empire force, orrrrrr a Samurai force! I do own a Test of Honour box. Also I dream of doing a Fantasy army based on the Black Company.

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