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This Quars War Interview

in which Adam interviews Joshua Qualtieri‎ about his kickstarter for “This Quars War”

Shownotes as follows:

discount code is COG2019


A Song of Blades and Heroes

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  1. mark jumonville mark jumonville

    Hey Adam I use the same company you use to print my 3d stuff as well mike is a great print master and dose a good job, I also have alot of the 25mm metal quar which I love metal models the best for me but i can do resin thanks

  2. mark jumonville mark jumonville

    I play asl and all the other board games we have a club in Waycross ga you guys are invited to come and play

  3. mark jumonville mark jumonville

    ive been a quar fan for years since I first found them and looking forward to the 15mm I have a 151 dollar bid and also wanteing to see the partisan militia and civlilian have games set up for next year a rapier, siege of agusta and recon so if you can make it will be there playing 28mm quar we have a big game group and play all types of games from card to board and a lot of miniature gaes many man y of them thx

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