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2020 Hopes and Dreams

Looking forward to 2020, here is a list of conventions I would like to attend and games I would like to play with some regularity:


Bayou Wars Its not too far away and always seems to have a heavy historical bend to it.

NashCon I’m interested in this one, again for the historicals, they have a Bolt Action tournament. They also have a group of Arena Rex players in the area

HubCon There is no reason for me not attend. I love Hattiesburg, have lots of friends there. It is ran by a longtime gaming friend of mine.


Blood and Plunder I have French, English starters and two ships all painted up.

Some form of Ancients: I have Spartans, and Romans painted and have Normans unpainted. I own at least two sets of rules

Star Wars Armada I prefer fleet action to fighters. I really like this game from the few times I played it. I need to play it and stop buying things for it. I have TONS of it.

Bolt Action I REALLY dug this game. Its simple and a hell of a lot of fun to play. I’ve got Germans (X2) and French

Star Wars Legion Its a fun game and a lot deeper than I thought. I have Rebels, Empire and Droids. There is a regular night for play (Thursday)

Arena Rex I have two painted forces, plus the Playmobil arena . Since I am so invested, I should probably play it sometime.

Blood and Valor I LOVE WWI, also I have some painted German infantry I need to dig out and inventory. I’ll also end up building French.

Oak and Iron I backed this kickstarter and it will arrive in the first quarter of 2020

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