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Adam’s Kickstarter Update

Believe it or not, as much as I bitch about Kickstarter, I do occasionally back them. The following is a list of ones that should be in my hands soonish and/or are overdue.

Shattered Void – The Sci-Fi Dogfighting Tabletop Wargame

This was my very first Kickstarter! As you can see its 3 years overdue. The last update we got was November 7, 2019. Its been a shitty ride, the guy has all kind of problems. I’m pretty sure he took the KS money and made another line of figures with it.

The Lost Citadel — Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying

This is one I am SUPER excited about. I really dig the background of it and I am interested to learn more. Its a year and a half overdue and still under construction. I figure it will see the light of day, but probably late next year.

CATaclysm: the RPG of Feline Proportions

Kind of a ripoff of Pugmire but my kids were interested in it. The last update was in October. It should have shipped by now. No update from the company, I assume it will arrive sometime in 2020.

The Black Iron – Horror Fantasy RPG

Another post-apocalyptic fantasy, but I dig the idea. It was due in July, but we are supposed to get a PDF over the Xmas break.

Oak & Iron

Buyers remorse aside, I am excited to get this one. Supposed to be in October and this months update cites mold issues. I assume we will get it first quarter of 2020. I am also interested in the upcoming WWI game.

Dungeon Royale Board Game

A month late, but on track for late December. I am a bit disappointed because of “reasons” it will hit the shelf at some cons before I get my copy. The guy has been real transparent in the whole campaign though.

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