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40K in progress

Buying into a system I always hit bartertown and the dakka swap shop first. It makes sense to keep costs down, especially if you don’t think you will play for a long period of time.

Trying to keep track of what I have purchased so I don’t buy things twice I will list things below. I have spent around $250 so far.

I’ll be keeping:
Codex Craftworlds
Codex Astra Militarum
Mini Rulebook
Dark Angles codex
Chaos Space Marines
Tau Empire
Kill Team book

NOS set of firewarriors/breachers

I will trade/sell
Crimson Slaughter
Chaos Daemons

Not sure what I will do with:
Stronghold Assault

I also picked up the Marine and Legion 30k books.

I plan on doing Iyanden and Tau.

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