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A Podcast Looks at a Year

February makes it a year that we have been podcasting. This is the fourth iteration of this podcast in ten years and my fourth podcast to date.

I would like your feedback.

We have done 30 uploads.

They have been download (as of this post) a total of 4020 times.

The structure of an episode is as follows:

  • Welcome/banter
  • What have been playing
  • “Whats on your radar” old or new things we just discovered
  • Maybe an interview
  • News
  • Close

What do you guys like that we do? What do you not like? What would you like us to do? What would you like us to change?

I’m willing to consider options as I would like to grow our fanbase. So please comment here or wherever this was posted. You can also drop us a line at

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