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Episode 109 Shownotes

Eldrich Cock

Vaginas are Magic

Table War

ASL Starter Kit

Pandemic Legacy S2

Fields of Fire

Twilight Imperium IV

Twilight Imperium III

Mission: Red Planet

Space Empires 4X

Cigar Box Battle

Escape the Dark Castle

Buy it here

Great War Commander

The Reddit post

Free Version

Tabletop Game Mats

Dice Tower Con

Memoir 44

Epic Battlelore

Richard Borg

Richard Berg

Grand Con

Sexism in Gaming:

reference 1

reference 2

reference 3

reference 4

The most epic battle of Merovingia!


Hatten in Flames

The end of Netrunner

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Legend of the Five Rings RPG Core Book















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