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  1. Toadkillerdog Toadkillerdog

    Great episode, guys. For the record, Titan doesn’t play like Carthage, but is a pretty fun game in its own right. Once the action on the main Titan board results in combat, you do break out a small hex grid tile which matches the terrain you’re on, but you deploy “armies” of creatures and fight over it.

    Rich, I was so taken with Carthage I rolled into Miniature Market the other day to see if they had it yet. They don’t, but they expect it relatively soon. Instead, I picked up another gladiator game called…are you ready – Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis. It looks pretty interesting. I’ll bring it to the June game day if I’m able.

    I had to look up who Anita Sarkeesian was, too.

    Delta Green is the most nihilistic RPG I’ve ever seen. In my first session GMing it, one of the players had a this universe meltdown because he was so frustrated.

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