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Episode 114 Shownotes

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 

Pandemic: Iberia

Karthun – Evil Hat Productions

My Little Scythe

Pavlov’s House

Northern Most Battle Monument – Iowa Civil War Monuments


Go Go Gelato!

Red Dragon Inn 4



Star Realms

Turn the Tide

Arkansas Comic Con 

Sean Patrick Flanery – IMDb

Rifts for Savage Worlds 

Letter Tycoon

The End of the World – Fantasy Flight Games

Part-Time Gods – Third Eye Games

Eden Studios, Inc. – Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game

Tortured Earth

Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game | Cryptozoic Entertainment


Star Wars: Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Rising Sun – MMP’s Products

A Song of Ice & Fire: TMG – CMON

Witches of the Revolution | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Atlas Games

Rocket Age! | Cubicle 7

Battle Hymn Vol.1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge


Ulfsark Games Looking For Publisher for Taiyo Dynasties

GrandCon Gaming Convention

WizKids Releases Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises

TROIKA! RPG: Numinous Edition


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