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World War II in 2 hours

On our last monthly gaming day, I had a chance to play Hitler’s Reich by GMT. It is the first of a new system of games called the Card Conquest System. It is a light wargame that covers the European Theater of WWII from 1941 to 1945.

I have played the game three times now (two and a half, really) and I wanted to give my thoughts.


  • The setup time is amazing. Starting from when you take the box off the shelf, you can be playing in less than 5 minutes. The map is basically pre-marked with the 1941 setup and you only need to prepare a few cards to get going.
  • The mounted board is well made and there are rule references in many places on the board itself. This also contributes to the ease of setup and play.
  • The basic combat mechanic is simple and consistent – 3d6 plus the value of the card that you play. There are modifications, but most combat is just that.
  • The game is fun and keeps its promise of being WWII in two hours.


  • The rule book is not good. Seriously. Even GMT has admitted this to be so. If you want to play, get the fan made rule book from BGG.
  • This is definitely not a simulation. Not necessarily a con, but you should know what you are getting into. This is a beer and pretzels game. In the three games I have played, North Africa has never come into play at all. There is very little reason to do so, despite it being on the map.
  • If you hate dice games, you will at times get frustrated by this one. There are plenty of ways to modify die rolls, but they can still betray you.

Overall, I like the game. The quick setup and low complexity will help it get to the table more. It is a solid 7/10.

Hitler’s Reich by GMT


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