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GenCon 2018: the hotels

So I got my badge, and I have now started planning.

So let’s talk about my mental illness!

My issues are driving byself over long distances to unfamiliar places. GenCon is a 10 hour non-stop ride from my home. So I really need to find a passenger, or even better, a driver since I hate to drive.

Already the usual group is down two from the previous year. So things are not looking good so far.

Lets talk hotels, the rates you can get via the lottery have come out.

I really want to stay closer this year. Last year I was a 25 minute uber away. I really want to stay downtown. Looking at those rates, say an average of $220 a day that would be $880. I would like to split that 2 ways, I would LOVE to split that 4 ways.

Outside of the con rate, you are looking around $425 a night, IF you can find a room. That comes to $1700. I would NEED to split that at least three ways.

All in all, things are not looking good at the moment but we still have a long way to go.

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