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Table size and scale

I wanted to talk a little about a pet peeve I have in gaming. Scale, both table size and army size.

Let me preface this by saying, I know that you can play whatever game size you want. The purpose of this post is to talk about my experience in tabletop gaming and what I see as the norm.

Now I will try hard not to pick on GW too much, but lets face it they make it easy.

Look at that table. The scale of the figures means they take up almost every square inch of the deployment zone. They have even started to add in things like this:

and this thing! Does it even fit into a 12 inch deployment zone?!

The other issue is lack of terrain

I know that maybe historically correct but this one needs more:

With a 28mmish scale like GW you end up with 2 massive armies 24 inches away from each other. Doesn’t it just become a dice game after that? No maneuvering or strategy?

Smaller scale would help things, but without terrain aren’t you just running into each other.

The solution should look something like this:

or this


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