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So you want to play Samurai?

So you enjoyed playing the fantastic Ghosts of Tsushima and are interested in trying the experience on the tabletop. What rules are available? Who makes figures? Are any available in the US? Lets find out.


Taiko by Flagship GamesA review

 Test of Honour 2nd ed – Review Editors note: I own the original boxset (1st ed) and the figures are pants.

Impetus A ReviewBattle Report with Samurai

Kensei Review

ADLG – Art De La Guerre

De Bellis Antiquitatis

Ronin: Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the SamuraiReview


Kings of war by Mantic Games using a Kingdom of Men army with samurai models 

Also, Warlords of Erehwon


I found this blog post to be a good overview of scales and companies. Here is another look that covers most of the major ones. It does seem that the major rules listed above also produce their own miniature lines.

I’d be interested in 28mm skirmish or 15/6mm mass battles. The stand outs to me are: Bushido, Test of Honor and Taiko.

Other Video Games

Field of Glory II – Game – SlitherineReview

Total War (series)

For Honor

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