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Wicky Wild

Wild West Exodus came across my radar earlier this year. Through the power of kickstarter they managed to release a 35mm skirmish game with 11! factions. No easy feat.

The scale makes for some interesting sculpts


I’m not that big a fan of steampunk but what I do like that this line reminds me of is:


So this holiday season had me shopping for myself for a few rulebooks to read. Nowadays I try not to buy into a line until someone else does first. So I head over to Bartertown to try and find some rulebooks for Beyond the Gate of Antares and WWX.

I found a guy selling all of this:


for about $25 more than a rulebook…

I also grabbed the paradiso campaign book for $10 off him

So if/when it comes in, I’ll try and blog about it.

I will say, if had to choose a faction I would choose the Warrior nation.


Why you ask?




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